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Education and Experience in French-English Law

Myriam Azmy avocate biculturelle

Franco-British legal expertise with Myriam Azmy, Attorney at the Paris Bar and Solicitor in England & Wales. She advises you on business law issues in both French and English law and regularly assists clients, particularly those based in Paris and London. Myriam Azmy is committed to modernizing and making the legal world accessible for her clients by providing clear, transparent, and regular communication. She is determined to build long-lasting client relationships, founded on mutual trust and respect, by being responsive and putting your interests at the forefront. Ensuring a collaboration where genuine expertise and sincere attention guide every decision.

Philosophy and Approach to Practicing Law

Myriam Azmy is a dedicated and persevering attorney. She does not see law as a set of rules, but as a creative and strategic tool for overcoming even the most complex challenges. She merges her deep technical knowledge, transforming legal theory into concrete and achievable strategies. Driven by unwavering tenacity, Myriam Azmy does not stop until she has explored every possible avenue for your project. She is a partner committed to an unending quest for solutions and success. You are not just a client; you are the priority.

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