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Myriam Azmy advises you from the creation and accompanies you throughout the life of your company:

  • Type of Structure Selection: Choose the type of corporate structure that best suits your goals.
  • Statute Drafting: Benefit from clear and secure bylaws.
  • Design of Shareholder Agreements and Contracts :Ensure your shareholder agreements, transfer contracts, and other legal documents are robust and precise.
  • Registration and Recording : Navigate effortlessly through the registration and recording processes with the clerk’s office.
  • International Support: Receive expert guidance for establishing foreign companies in France.
  • Ongoing Legal Management : Benefit from continuous legal monitoring and the completion of legal formalities.
  • Representation before the RCS: Benefit from proactive tracking of your filings with the Judge responsible for monitoring the Trade and Companies Register.
  • Transactions and Negotiations: Receive guidance in share transfers, changes in share capital, and crucial negotiations.
  • Defense in Litigation: Secure strong legal representation in litigation before competent courts.

Commercial Law

Maître Azmy, your expert in commercial law, guides you in:

  • Contract Drafting: Drafting and providing strategic advice for all your commercial contracts.
  • General Terms: Drafting clear and protective terms and conditions for your sales and purchases.
  • Distribution Network Management: Assistance in setting up and managing your distribution networks and contracts.
  • Competition Law: Providing protection and advice in cases of contract termination and unfair competition.

Business and Contract Support: Providing advice and legal representation in your business matters and contractual disputes.


Myriam Azmy advises her clients in various areas of real estate law, such as:

  • Commercial Lease Drafting: Drafting commercial leases in a manner that both protects landlords’ interests and respects tenants’ rights.
  • Commercial Lease Litigation: Representing landlords or tenants in disputes involving rent arrears or contractual violations.
  • Real Estate Sales: Guiding clients through the complexities of real estate transactions to ensure a smooth sales process.
  • Residential Leases: Drafting residential leasing agreements that are compliant with local laws.
  • Transfer of Business Assets: Providing advice during the sale of a business to ensure all legal aspects are taken care of.
  • Lease Right Transfers: Ensuring that transfers of commercial lease rights are executed in compliance with current regulations.


Myriam Azmy advises her clients in criminal law and assists them in:

  • Police Custody for the Accused: Offering legal counsel during police custody for those under investigation.
  • Representation in Correctional Hearings, Preliminary Investigations, and Judicial Procedures: Legal representation during misdemeanor trials, preliminary investigations, and throughout judicial proceedings, whether you are the defendant or the victim.
  • Assistance in Filing Complaints and Becoming a Civil Party: Assisting in filing complaints and becoming a civil party, especially in cases such as embezzlement, forgery, and fraud.


Maître Azmy conseille ses clients dans divers domaines du droit immobilier, tels que :

  • Rédaction de baux commerciaux : en élaborant des contrats qui protègent les intérêts des propriétaires tout en respectant les droits des locataires ;
  • Contentieux des baux commerciaux : représenter un propriétaire ou locataire dans un litige concernant des arriérés de loyer ou des violations de contrat ;
  • Vente immobilière : en aidant, à travers les complexités des transactions immobilières pour assurer une vente en douceur ;
  • Baux d’habitation : tels que la rédaction de contrats de location résidentielle en conformité avec la législation locale ;
    Cession de fonds de commerce : conseiller lors de la vente d’une entreprise pour s’assurer que tous les aspects légaux soient couverts ;
  • Cession de droit au bail : en assurant, par exemple que les transferts de baux commerciaux sont effectués conformément aux réglementations en vigueur.
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